Dick is going to the Senate to cut through the clutter and deliver for you.


Dick knows that corruption is plaguing the statehouse and is holding us back from solving the real problems facing our state.   In one of his first actions in office, Dick will pass legislation that will require mandatory minimum sentences and jail time for any public office who is found guilty of corruption.  It is beyond time that we stop letting our elected officials play by different rules than everyone else.


Children should receive an education that will prepare them for whatever they want when they grow up.  Too many of our schools are not meeting up to that standard. In the Senate, Dick will fight to improve our schools and eliminate top-heavy administrative costs that are not impacting the quality of education your son or daughter receives.


The traffic and congestion we experience every day in our community does not just impact our quality of life – it stops industry from investing here and creating good-paying jobs.  If we are going to move forward as a community, we need a real plan that relieves traffic both downtown and in Lexington County. A statewide roads bill will not meet the needs of our local challenges.  Dick will fight to find local solutions to our local problems.


Dick believes that everyone should have a fair shot to get ahead in life, and hard work should be rewarded.  Nothing should stand in your way. As a senator, Dick will fight to make our community more fair and just, and to give everyone a chance to get ahead.

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