Dick Harpootlian is a former solicitor, member of county council and no-nonsense attorney who is known for his ability to get results when no one else can.

Meet Dick Harpootlian

  • Resident of Senate District 20 for 47 years

  • Husband to Jamie Harpootlian and father to Kate Harpootlian

  • Graduate of Clemson University

  • Graduate of University of South Carolina School of Law

  • Richland County Council - 1986-1991

  • Fifth Circuit Solicitor - 1991-1995

  • South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman - 1998-2003 and 2011-2013 

Changing the Culture

For too long, legislators have gone along to get along with the good old boy system in Columbia. They have been more concerned about their own re-election, free parking spot, special license plate, health care and retirement package than delivering the real change our state needs.  We need to look no farther than the failure of the VC Summer Project, which cost the people of our state millions of dollars due to the greed and avarice of a few executives, to see the problem.  If you want real improvements to our roads, schools and our economy, we need to change the culture that rewards inaction at the statehouse.

Commitment to You

Dick believes that District 20 deserves an honorable senator who will deliver results.  When your legislator's attention is on the next reception or cocktail party, there is no incentive to focus on the change that needs to happen. Due to the greed of a few executives and the incompetence of our legislature, the current crowd is gaming the system for their benefit while people in South Carolina suffer. We need a senator willing to shake up business at the Statehouse, and that's exactly the senator Dick will be.

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