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Action. Courage. Results.

Meet Dick Harpootlian

Throughout his career, Dick Harpootlian has never backed down from a fight. As our solicitor, he jailed violent criminals to keep families safe. As an attorney, he is relentless in serving his clients to achieve justice and protect the rights of all. As a prosecutor, he convinced a Richland County jury to put notorious serial killer Pee Wee Gaskins in the electric chair. 

I'm making government work for you

“I ran for the state senate because I believed the status quo wasn’t working for everyday people. Since taking office, I have worked hard to get government working for you by eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse… I have helped to attract good jobs and major economic deals to the midlands, and stood with local business owners during the COVID - 19 pandemic so they could stay open and get connected to needed resources. I’ve stood up against attacks on women’s rights by extreme politicians, and will continue to push to repeal the dangerous abortion ban in South Carolina. I’ve fought against corruption at the Richland County election commission and wasteful spending in state agencies including the Airport Commission. Government is there to serve the people. I’m working hard every day to ensure it does just that"

On the Issues

Dick has shown that it is possible to govern with integrity and deliver results. He has put a stop to wasteful spending by state agencies, reformed the Richland County Election Commission, has help land major economic development deals, forced corrupt politicians out of office, been a vocal advocate against attempts to restrict women’s rights, and shown that he is not afraid to use his voice to ensure that government is doing what it is supposed to, work for you.

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